Sunday, February 21, 2016


Electing One's Bondage

The American election of 2016 is, more than any issue, a referendum on the progressive slow-burn seizure of power over one of the world's great republics. In culture, "education," economics, and all aspects of daily life, leftism in it's many shades is about to triumph -- and they know it. The closer they have gotten to the finish line, the more strident and unhinged their attacks have become. Any desire to maintain the spirit of constitutional individualism is viciously attacked, censored, or bullied into submission. Any attempts among fee thinkers to hold back the authoritarian statist onslaught is attacked as racist, fascist, or heartless before the noble jackboots of central planning.

Leftism has always been ultimately about destruction and demise, and has certainly always brought that end.

After decades on stealth effort, the "progressives" can see the finish line and only a few philosophical outposts of democracy stand in their way as they elbow to the front of the line.

There are several critical issues that face the voter in this election year but they are all, ultimately, about maintaining the dignity of America as an exceptional place where individual freedom may flourish or making it just another historical tragedy where the state and its minions seize control for the mere sake of control.

In the referendum on the progressive vision about to be held..., vote NO!

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